Thrifty Community Cards are discontinued as of June 15th

We have opted to discontinue the Thrifty Cards as a fund raiser due to the new program Thrifty’s have implemented. It has the potential to be an administrative nightmare. The executive has voted to end the Smile Cards effective June 15th.

Our Thrifty Smile cards came to an end on the 15th of June as Sobeys have now restructured their rules and applicable discounts. The Club would have to pre purchase blocks of $4000.00 worth of preloaded cards and sell them to the members to receive 6% back. As a result, it is now not worthwhile for the Club to administer this program going forward. All moneys spent on the cards up to the 15th of June the Club will still receive the 5%.  Please note, if you still have money on your card after the 15th of June this money is still accessible/valid, but the previous fundraising aspect of the card will not be applicable

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