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Covid-19 Step 3 Back to Bowling is now in effect and as a result there has been a relaxation of the rules. Please refer to “Covid-Step-3-Back-to-Bowling.1-July-2021” for complete details. 

***Change to the above Policy…. MASKS MUST be worn in the Clubhouse & Bowls Room***

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A copy of the original LB4C Poster created by Juno


18th Annual





At Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowls Club


In 2002 the Jubilee Pairs left JDF to go to another Club and with its departure Harry Harrison & Keith Terlson wanted a tournament to replace it. Their goal was to have a tournament that would potentially fill all four greens. Over a beer with Jack McPherson & Gibby Earl the four men came up with the concept of playing a Quaddie. And the Lawn Bowl for the Cure was created.  In 2003 the first year of the tournament, 20 teams entered, year #2 the team count was up to 24 and by year #3 their goal was fulfilled with 32 teams, all four greens were filled! Each year since there is a wait list of teams looking for an opening. Most teams are made up of many players, some who may only play one game in the two-day tournament, they play to honour family or friends who have been afflicted with cancer.

Keith left for Parksville soon after the LB4C was created, since then Harry and his wife Beattie have been organizing the tournament together calling on the members of JDF LBC to help. Over this timespan Harry has only bowled 3 times and Beattie twice, they have dedicated their time to organizing and running the tournament. In the past 17 years the LB4C tournament has raised a total of $93,215.61!! THANK YOU EVERYONE.



42 members braved the rainstorm to play in the Crackerjack. Everyone had a great time despite the deluge that welcomed them. Our new members were finally able to get a small taste of our past social life with a hot dog barbeque which on that wet day was welcomed by all.


First Place: Gerry Clark with Ernice Kassian & Cathy Robertson

Second Place: Jonathon Mantell with Judy Hambleton & Brenda Thompson

Third Place: Keith Terlson with Cary Lang & Lynda Bell

John Stonehouse had the winning 50/50 ticket for a total of $90.00 and he shared the pot with Peter Carvell. Congratulations to all the winners and players who participated in the Crackerjack Tournament.

Presenting the Trophies and prizes is Games Coordinator Wendy Leach

First Place Winners: Ernie Kassian (Vice)      Cathy Robertson (Lead)     Gerry Clark (Skip)

Second Place Winners: Jonathon Mantell (Skip)   Judy Hambleton (Vice)    Brenda Thompson (Lead)

Third Place Winners:       Lynda Bell (Lead       Cary Lang (Vice)       Keith Terlson (Skip)



In our next issue we will have a write up and pictures of our Novice winners, along with the results of the Lawn Bowl for the Cure, and results of the League play too. Over the winter if there is news, we will post it in the “News at a Glance”.