As I am sure you are aware by now our first Open Houses are this Saturday & Sunday April 16th & 17th, from 1.00 pm thru 3.00 pm, hopefully the weather will be favourable and we will get a good  turnout.

Our coaches will be on hand to introduce the guests to our sport, we are unsure how many guests will turn up and in past years we have relied on our existing Members to help out the Coaches.

So drop by to throw a few yourself and let Kim know that you are willing to take someone out for 15 minutes and show them the ropes and tell what you love about our sport, when done bring them back to the Clubhouse to see if they would be interested in learning more or signing up for some lessons.

Also our MLA Mitzi Dean will be dropping by on Saturday at 1.00 to throw a few, Mitzi supplied us with a very favourable ‘Letter of Support’ on our application for the New Horizon Grant for the plinth & backboard replacement as did our local Mayors, so if you get the chance, say hello to Mitzi and offer thanks for her support.

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