Ladies’ Novice and Ladies Singles

The games will be completed over a period of 14 days. The time of each game will be decided by the bowlers. PLEASE be as accommodating as possible and if you have signed up this tournament, please make a priority. Both tournaments will be played from Aug 16 to 27. A draw schedule will be posted in the club house during the week of Aug 9th.

Markers will be needed for each game, markers please contact Pei Mei to volunteer, and include the day and time available. Novices, contact Pei Mei with the day and time of your match and she will arrange for a marker to be there. The marker is an asset to the game as s/he can help with keeping score and answering questions you may have about the head during play.


Ladies’ Novice: to be played over a two-week period Aug 16 – 27

Currently, only SIX novices have signed up. If you’re interested but haven’t signed up, please sign up asap! If no one else signs up, then it’ll be a round robin.

Ladies’ Singles: to be played over a two-week period Aug 16 – 27

Only THREE ladies have signed up. Again, if no one else signs up, it will be a round robin if it runs at all.

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