Ladies League, Wrap Up

Thank you for coming out and participating in our Thursday Morning Women’s League this season.  It was lots of fun and despite Covid, we were able to see each other and get in some practice! We were fortunate that the weather cooperated most Thursday mornings as well.  

Thursday, September 16th, will be a fun game organized by Cecile.  The following Thursday, September 23rd will be the play-off game and regular play for the rest of us.  This will be our last Thursday morning game of the season.

Linda took your best 6 scores since July 15th when we started Triples. There were 25 women (our of 39) who participated in at least 6 of the 9 possible games. Congratulations to these people who qualify for the play-off game due to their scores.

Skips – Sharon Ward and Julie Dickson

Vices – Cherlynn McArthur, Linda Turnbull  

Leads – Connie Harper, Jackie Mugford

Hopefully you are all able to make the play-off game.  If not please let Linda know and she will see if other arrangements can be made or if the next qualifying player is able to play.

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation throughout the season.

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