A pilot for a new league is being formed. It will be played on Monday Mornings on the following dates:

August 15, August 22, August 29, September 05, September 12, September19.

It currently has the name of The Half Crown League or the LBJN. You can try guessing what the letters represent!

The pilot is limited to 12 teams playing on 2 Greens. Each team has 2 players, & there are no Skips or Leads, & no visitations to the head with one exception. The teams are not intended to be gender specific.

I have attached the proposed Conditions of Play for more explanation. If you want to be part of this pilot, please e-mail There are currently 4 teams already, the final 8 will be accepted & notified as they arrive in my Inbox. Closure is set for Saturday August 13 at Midnight. Please indicate if you are willing to be an alternate, should someone not be able to play on one of the days.



  1. You say max of 4, 2-man teams/green. That’s 8 bowlers per green.
    Each player delivers 3 bowls on a rotational basis.
    That’s a total of 24 bowls not 12 as stated. What do I misunderstand?

    • Hi James,
      Based on the Conditions of Play (CoP):
      There are 2 players to a team and they play another 2 player team, which makes one game.
      Each player throws 3 bowls so there is a total of 12 bowls in play.

      You can have 2 games occurring per Green which would mean a total of 8 players and that would add up to 24 bowls.
      The 2 games can be played simultaneously but they are completely separate.
      So the CoP is correct in how it is written.

      Hopefully this has cleared up your confusion, if not please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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