A few of our newer Members have been asking me about the ‘Nationals’ coming up and if anyone can attend ? the answer is, absolutely, anyone can come down at anytime and watch the action and view some excellent bowling from all the best players in the Country and cheer on your BC Teams, or if you have roots from another Province to cheer on that’s ok too.

We have a few of our own Members competing, Lynda Robbins is competing in the Women’s Singles and Davie Mathie and Brent Jansen in the Men’s Fours, so come on down and show your support.

This event is open for spectators at any time during the competition including the general public at no charge.

 Draw schedules and the Opening Day specifics & times are posted on the bulletin boards and on our website, lunches will be available for order on the day and open cash bar for hydration if you are so inclined, as well as 50/50 sales, raffle tickets and souvenir sales, the Taylor Bowls Rep ( Shelley from Sidelign Bowls) will also be on hand August 19th, 20th, 23rd & 26th.

We also kindly ask if you can temporarily ‘empty’ your bowls lockers prior to the Championships to enable our visiting bowlers (48 for singles & 120 for pairs & fours) to store their bowls during the competition, if you can do this please by no later than Wednesday August 16th it will be appreciated.

Meanwhile if anyone has any questions regarding please do not hesitate to ask or drop me an e mail,



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