Fabulous Kitchen A and Up Island Room Volunteer Team

Hello Juan de Fuca LBC Members

Firstly, I would like to recognize our Fabulous Kitchen A and Up Island Room Volunteer Team! Thank you for your time, hard work and hospitality while taking care of our guests, participants and volunteers. The feedback was outstanding. We received praise from so many of our visitors. It was truly well deserved and no surprise to me!

Our team would also like to thank JDF club members for the incredible donations of baking, fruit, veggies and cash. Every day, wonderful trays of goodies arrived and we never wanted for fresh fruit. Home grown tomatoes were a great hit whether they were in our sandwiches or veggie cups or trays.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see how they could help and did in so many ways.

It was a great time and a pleasure to be part of the Canadian National HOC.

Once again, thanks to you all!

Sandi Doran

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