Attached below are the FORMS you will need to register for another year as a member of Juan de Fuca LBC.




Our Membership Registration Form has to be completed manually and submitted to our Registrar, Marion, either by email or in person at one of our open houses. For members who do not have access to a printer, forms will be available when you go down to register at one of our Open House days. Marion will also be available to take registrations at our opening day on April 29th.

When you sign the membership form, you are also pledging your acceptance of our Code of Conduct. A copy of this code is attached (above) and it is required that you read it before you sign your form. The definitions are also attached above.

For members who use online banking, we again have the option to pay membership fees online using an e-transfer. This is not mandatory, just another option.  Cash and cheques will always be accepted.

Instructions for sending an e-transfer:

While the precise steps (such as the names of the buttons you’ll need to click) may differ slightly from bank to bank, you’ll generally need to do the following in order to send an e-transfer:

LOG IN to your bank’s online banking or mobile app

SELECT the account you’d like to send funds from

SELECT Send an Interact e-Transfer

ENTER this email

ENTER the amount of money you’d like to send

SEND the transfer.

Deposit has been have it set up that no password or security question is required.

Marion is happy to answer any questions, concerns or queries you have. Please contact her using the following email:

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