New Order for AERO Bowls

Gordon Head is planning to put in another order for AERO Bowls this month if you’re interested in order new bowls, go to to select the bowl you desire.  I need the following information

1.       Bowl Type GrooVe

2.       Colour

3.       Logo

4.       Grip   (z-Grip recommended)

5.        Size of bowl (all are Heavy)

Maximum Cost is $520 CDN per bowl delivered to Victoria using speckle or solid colours with standard logos 

You can also order the non-standard bowls and/or logos, but will need to pay the up-charge less 7%

I will need an order of 10 or more bowls to gain the above discount.

Brian hopes to put the order in by the end of May and obtain the bowls by the 3rd week in June.

Contact BRIAN MORIN or 250 589-8709

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