In the latter part of 2021 Bowls Canada announced a new method on charging all the Provinces their membership fees. They will no longer be charging a per member fee but a budgetary amount based on the Provincial Membership numbers in 2019 (pre Covid) and therefore Bowls BC are adopting the same method and allocating to the clubs accordingly which in our case was 123 members, this results in a lump sum payment of $3,626.00

If we have the same numbers this year it will work out to be $29.49($30) per member, although we are uncertain what our total membership numbers will be this year this is the figure we have used for calculating our fees on top of Westshore’s with a small bit of rounding off,  Westshore fees are as per our contract.

Keep in mind that last year due to Covid there was no Bowls BC fees ($25) and the Club subsidized the $10 Bowls Canada Fee as well as a one time $25 Club subsidy for $60 in total.

In addition this year we are pleased to announce that if you prefer you can pay your fees by e transfer, if not, cash or cheque is still good.

You should have received an e mail today from Marion earlier today regarding

So  if you don’t see the e mail from Marion  check your junk or spam folders, if still not there let us know, Thanks, Jack

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