Hello JDF members,

Please be advised that we are still in great need for Markers for the Singles Rounds for the Championships on Saturday August 19th & Sunday August 20th, at present we only have 30 markers signed up to cover 110 games over the three days, we need at least another 20 approximately to accommodate the schedule, even if you are only available for one game one day, every little bit helps.

We understand that some may be a bit reluctant to mark for such an important event however there will be a ‘refresher course’ closer to the time for those who sign up and have questions.

We will also endeavour to schedule markers from the same Club at the same times to assist in car pooling

Your support is required and appreciated, Thank You,

Jack Robertson

Chair – Host Organizing Committee

Please email Maryann Little directly at if you would like to sign up to be a marker for the Nationals or if you have any questions or concerns.

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