Hi Juan De Fuca LBC members!

Well, we are down to our last couple of events that require baked goods and your volunteer time this season.

First up is the Kiwi Kwaddie on September 9th. For this one, baked goods homemade or purchased are needed by Friday September 8th, or on the day of the event. The items can be left on the Kitchen counter, in the fridge or freezer, whichever is appropriate for your goodies, if home baked, please make sure your name is on the container so we can get it back to you.

I am looking for a buddy or two to take on some of the kitchen duties as I would like to play that day also. Just let me know and we can work out a plan for the day.

It’s also time to get ready for Lawn Bowl for the Cure on September 23rd and 24th. We will be hosting approximately 120 bowlers for each of the days, so we will need lots of goodies, home baked or purchased.

Raisin Bread- 4 loaves- please advise me if you will be donating and how many, as we only need the four loaves.

Sweet Breads – Banana, Zucchini, Pumpkin, Lemon, etc.

Muffins-regular or mini

Breakfast pastries



Mini Croissants

Mini Donuts

Coffee Cakes

Bundt Cakes

Other suitable items

Please drop off your items by September 22nd, or on one of the days of the event.

I will be asking for kitchen buddies for these days also, please let me know if you can spare some time, even if it’s between games, or when you’re not playing.

Thanks Everyone!

Sandi Doran

Kitchen A Co-ordinator

cell – 250 589 5609 or email

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