Hello Juan de Fuca Bowlers,
As we know our club is hosting the B.C Provincial Singles Championships from July 5th to 7th.
Kitchen A will be providing our standard coffee, tea and treats service along with a simple “sandwich of the day” special.
The numbers for this event look to be relatively small, probably no more than 50 participants and volunteers all told. A few great volunteers are needed to once again show our JDF Hospitality at it’s best!
Sandi is planning for 2 shifts per day (morning and afternoon), each with 2 Kitchen-A volunteers for both July 5th and 6th and only 1 shift (morning) for the 7th .
So, this means a total of 4 volunteers per day for Friday and Saturday and only 2 for Sunday.
Also, Sandi will be asking for a member to take the lead for the weekend as she will be away. Most of the planning and shopping will be done ahead of time, so this will just be an onsite role.
Please let Sandi know if you can volunteer by calling or texting her at 250-589-5609 or email kitchenA@juandefucalbc.ca or bobandsandidoran2000@gmail.com
Thanks everyone!!

P.S. It’s a great time to get baking and shopping as we will need to refill our freezers for the weekend.

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