Visiting Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowling


Bowler must be invited by a member of Juan de Fuca or bowler can contact our Vice President and ask for permission to come and bowl at Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowling club.

They must sign in when arriving at our club. A Sign in Book will be available in the office.

Members from other clubs are allowed to bowl at JDF Club for a total of THREE visits in one bowling season. If they wish to continue bowling at JDF they must then join as an Associate member or a Full member.


Must be a playing member at any Bowls BC club. The Associate member fee for 2019 is $90, Students $70 and Youth $20.

An Associate Member is allowed to bowl every day if they wish. They can join in on our daily draws, and any event that does not have a trophy. They cannot represent Juan De Fuca at any BSI or other tournaments.

They are also invited to join in any Social event that is held at Juan De Fuca.

JDF Club members who have family or friends visiting who are bowlers are allowed to bring them down to our club and join us in our Daily draw, Tea Day or any Fun event.


Any questions please contact:

Ann Mathie

Vice President…. JDFLBC 

250-478-7447 or