Membership Information & Fees


Our organized Bowling Season runs from April 15th to October 2nd. Winter bowling is normally an option but is subject to Westshore Parks & Recreation (WSPR) allowing access to the Greens from Oct 3rd to Apr 14th There are no initiation fees or extra monthly charges just a yearly membership fee.

Membership Options:

For the fees refer to the 2021 Membership Fees Table for the details.

NOTE: For the 2021 year ONLY, JDF LBC is subsidizing the membership by $35.00. This is a one-time subsidy, and the fee structure will return to normal in 2022

  1. Full Adult Membership– Entitles you to take part in any or all our club’s activities
  2. Student Age 17-24– Access to all club activities
  3. Youth Age 16 & Under– Access to all club activities
  4. Late Joining Adult Membership– Joining after July 15th – Entitles you to take part in any or all our club’s activities.

Membership Form:

 A Membership Form needs to be completed when you first join the club and every year thereafter.

Membership fees are due by May 1st of each year and access to the greens for bowling will be denied until Membership Fees are paid in full.


The Membership Registrar is available on opening days to register you and take payment. Your annual fee is payable by cash or cheque payable to “Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowls Club”. If the Registrar is not present the cheque or cash may put in the mailbox within the club’s office at the Juan de Fuca Clubhouse. Please mark your envelope “Attn: Membership Registrar”, along with your name and phone #.

If you have questions or need help with the application forms, please select Contact Us to request assistance.

Visiting Bowlers Fees:

Visiting bowler privileges presently discontinued while adhering to Covid-19 protocols.

Membership Fee Schedule:

All fees we collect are allocated to the organizations noted in the schedule table below. The Juan de Fuca LBC does not keep any of these fees for their own use. That is why the grants we apply for and fundraising we do is so important to the livelihood of the Club.

For 2021 season:

  • Bowls BC is once again not charging a yearly fee due to Covid-19, while Bowls Canada is charging a fee and at the reduced rate of $10.00.
  • Westshore Parks & Recreation (WSPR) has agreed to not increase their fees due to our limited access to the Club House, therefore the fees are the same as in 2020. Normally they increase their fees by a minimum of 2% each year.

The fees we pay to Westshore Parks & Recreation (WSPR) cover the use and maintenance of the Club House from April 15 to October 2nd. This includes repairs, housekeeping, utilities, washroom supplies etc. WSPR Greenkeepers also maintain all the greens and the surrounding areas and are responsible for the greens throughout the year. The greens are prepped in the spring and made ready for our use by April 15th.  All four greens are cut, rolled, and maintained daily on a rotational basis, they are fertilized and treated to keep them weed and fungus free throughout the year.

We want to thank our members for their loyalty and the incredible support they showed last year by paying for a full membership to ensure our Club existence and sadly in a year where our access to the Greens were extremely limited due to the Covid regulations and Protocols. Next year the fees will return to their normal fee structure and hopefully with unlimited bowling once again.

Membership Fee Table: