Juan de Fuca
Lawn Bowling Club

Upcoming Events

Upcoming April 2016 Events

Open Houses
April 16 and 17, April 23 and 24 - 1-3pm
Everyone Welcome!

Opening Day - April 30
Official Opening @ 1pm followed by daily draw.
Semi Annual General Meeting @ 315pm (approx).
*We invite everyone to join us after the meeting to socialize and enjoy pizza and cake!

Congratulations to all of our 2015 JDF Tournament Winners!


Galleon Cup - Marie and Malky Taylor (North Van)
Black & White - Ann Mathie, Jen Gunn, Ted Roberts
Crackerjack - Sharon Kennedy, Jen Blair, Cherlynn McArthur
Osprey Challenge - Keith Hammell and Carol Clarke
BC Bowls $1000 - Adam Kaufman, Carah Webster, Tony Pacheco
Earl/McCue - Steve Foster and Pei Mei Chia
Greenskeepers - Byron Propp, Jeff Leamen, Jeanette Earl
Thursday Morning Women’s Triples - Gayle Mantell, Linda Clegg, Elsie Falloon
Thursday Morning Women’s Pairs - Lee Lavis, Lindsey Heys

Club Champions
Women - Anne Van Bastelaere
Women Novice - Darlene McClary
Men - Jeff Leamen
Men Novice - Emile Mercier

The Photo Gallery


Lawn bowling in the sunshine on Christmas Day 2014... Can you believe it?

Click here to view the photo gallery.

Clubhouse Events

Everyone Welcome....

Daily Draw - Tags in NO later than 1pm!

Monday Evening Ladder - Check in 6:30pm - *Starts June 13*
Wednesday Morning Ladder - Check in 9:45am - *Starts June 15*
Thursday Morning Womens - Check in 9:45am - *Starts May 12*
      Triples for 6 weeks / Pairs for 6 weeks
Friday 649\ Fun on Fridays - Check in 1pm - *Starts May 13*
Saturday - Tea Day or Tournament look at JDF Schedule